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Top 10 Patient Monitoring Technology Companies - 2019

To enhance care delivery and improve patient outcomes for conditions that need constant surveillance, hospitals are increasing their use of patient monitoring solutions. While initially the healthcare market was dominated only with ECG monitoring, respiration, and body temperature monitoring devices. Subsequent years saw introduction of non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), saturated peripheral capillary oxygen, and invasive blood pressure (IBP) measurement. Today, the patient monitoring industry is flooded with new and latest devices, such as wearables and other sensors that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT).

Another major aspect experiencing transformation in the patient monitoring arena is data storage and access. Vital information of patients is on the move as they flow from the monitoring devices to other gadgets such as smartphones and tablets connected through wireless connection. This same data guides doctors to assess patients’ health progress. Integrated remote monitoring solutions with messaging and alert systems can let providers know when patients are in stable or critical conditions without the need for hospital room. Remote monitoring can improve the management of chronic diseases by measuring critical risk indicators such as glucose, blood pressure, etc. These devices can also provide patient-generated health data (PGHD) to physicians and keep patients informed on their health goals.

In light of such revolutionary health monitoring devices making their mark in the medical field, MD Tech Review has compiled a list of top 10 Patient Monitoring Pioneers in the market that are assisting healthcare firms to adopt, leverage, and exploit the benefits of latest patient monitoring devices.

In this issue, we are glad to feature Accuhealth Technologies on the cover page. The firm is an established telemedicine and patient monitoring company that offers simplified plug and play process for both the doctors and patients. Another patient monitoring company featured in the list is Cardiac Insight Inc. that offers a revolutionary wearable sensor that delivers real-time ECG data of the patients to the doctors. The list curated by MD Tech Review also includes firms such as VoCare, MR3 Health, and AMICOMED that are innovatively offering patient monitoring solutions in the healthcare market.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in the field of patient monitoring. We hope this issue of the MD Tech Review helps you identify the right partner for your business.

We present to you MD Tech Review’s “Top 10 Patient Monitoring Pioneers - 2019”

    Top Patient Monitoring Technology Companies

  • Accuhealth is a healthcare technology company with over 50 years of operational experience. The company created the first Healthcare Operations Center for remote patient monitoring, and its platform aims to improve primary physician care within the clinical setting and the home. Providing access to vital real-time information for physicians to improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and reduces costs. Accuhealth's mission is to ensure accuracy, transparency, honesty, and integrity in the telemonitoring industry

  • Amicomed is a fully automated digital SaaS platform that provides blood pressure (BP) management as a service. Its unique platform can collect the patient's BP data from various sources(like Home BP monitors, Apple Healthkit, and more), and applying sophisticated algorithms, provides a progressive track of the BP range fluctuations. In addition, it also guides patients to normalize their BP levels through personalized lifestyle feedback via virtual coaching. Providing such improved awareness, it not only benefits the patient but is also a boon for doctors as it assists them in providing customized treatment to the patient based on his complete medical history. Also, stakeholders in the health space can get data analytics on population health from it

  • A WA-based medical device manufacturer, Cardiac Insight, develops and provides advanced, discreetly-worn ECG sensing technology aimed at the early diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AFib) and other heart conditions. The company has developed a ‘first-of-its-kind’ smart, wearable ECG Sensor, Cardea SOLO, which streamlines arrhythmia and other cardiac abnormality detection in patients. Lightweight and wing-shaped, Cardea SOLO is an FDA-cleared device that provides physicians immediate access to patient ECG data. Patients can wear the patch for up to seven days and continue with their daily activities. The device records a patient’s heart rate, which allows for efficient diagnosis of arrhythmia and other cardiac abnormalities

  • MR3 Health is a dynamic HealthTech company providing a combination of remote patient monitoring service and medical technology to patients and insurers to help prevent the complications associated with chronic diseases. MR3 monitors patients on a daily basis, identifies those with negative physiologic trends, and communicates alerts to the patient, clinician, and healthcare payer, indicating a high risk of an acute health event, if any. In the case of patients with “diabetic foot neuropathy,” MR3’s foot sensor takes temperature readings, tracks when and where minute temperature changes occur on the patient’s feet, and immediately sends alerts if the temperature varies from what is considered normal for that patient, thus preventing diabetic foot ulcers.

  • VoCare, a medical device company, has developed a purpose-built medical multi-diagnostic designed to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Its product Vitals360, a cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth enabled multi-vital diagnostic device utilizing Android OS, acts as a hub as well as its own tablet/phone capable of routing time and location stamped vitals to several different solutions. VoCare's mission as one of the leading innovator of connected multi-functional diagnostic devices is to seamlessly support providers with actionable patient data in a manner that will increase efficiencies, reduce errors and improve patient care while lowering overall healthcare cost

  • LiDCO


    LiDCO is a supplier of non-invasive and minimally invasive hemodynamic equipment to hospitals used to monitor the amount of blood flowing around the body and ensure that vital organs are adequately oxygenated. The business’s products facilitate the application of hemodynamic optimization protocols for high-risk patients in both critical care units and in the operating theatre. LiDCO’s computer-based technology has shown to significantly reduce morbidity and complications, length of stay, and overall costs associated with major surgery. Hemodynamic monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, cardiac output monitor, non-invasive monitoring, minimally invasive monitoring, anesthesiology, critical care, ICU, and medical devices are some of the business’s key offerings

  • Microlife


    Microlife is a leading manufacturer of thermometers. The company is also a market leader in the development and production of medical diagnostic equipment for use at home and in health facilities. Blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, asthma measuring devices, and flexible heat pads are some of the business’s core products. Microlife’s products and services are designed to enable people to monitor and improve their health. Whether it is fever, blood pressure, asthma, weight management, or flexible heat pads, Microlife’s technology offers precise and reliable solutions

  • Odin Technologies

    Odin Technologies

    Odin Technologies is a smart medical device company. With the intent to stop patients from unnecessarily getting recommended for emergency fasciotomies, Odin Technologies is developing a non-invasive diagnostic tool to monitor compartment pressure and tissue perfusion in trauma patients. The business’s product, Valkyrie, is non-invasive, portable, and wireless, offering continuous monitoring and real-time diagnostics. It also protects patients, hospitals, and caregivers, reducing unnecessary operations, rehab costs, and malpractice settlements. Any healthcare provider can use Valkyrie, freeing up the attending physician

  • Omron Healthcare (TYO: 6645)

    Omron Healthcare (TYO: 6645)

    Omron Healthcare has been designing state-of-the-art blood pressure monitors for over 50 years. Today, the business aims to empower people to take charge of their health using precise technology in the comfort of their own home. Omron’s philosophy of accuracy and accessibility also extends into a wide variety of fitness monitors, electrotherapy pain relief products, and respiratory devices. Helping improve everyone’s ability to live healthier is the heart and soul of Omron’s purpose. Connected health, corporate wellness, hypertension, fitness, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), respiratory, and heart health are some of the business’s specialties

  • OptiScan


    Founded in 1994, OptiScan Biomedical develops glucose monitoring systems to assist healthcare providers in managing the glucose level of the patients. It offers OptiScanner, an automated, bedside glucose monitoring system to help healthcare providers to maintain the glucose level of patients. The product also provides serial blood glucose measurements for a range of glucose concentrations. Additionally, the business is expanding the capabilities of the OptiScanner platform technology to detect additional metabolic and hemodynamic analytes within the same blood sample, which will provide valuable trending data about the condition of a critically ill patient