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Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Companies - 2021

As technologies have advanced over time, it has transformed the healthcare ecosystem in its wake. One of the significant achievements has been patient monitoring systems’ adoption and progress to enhance patient care. The growth of the patient monitoring market is credited to the rising burden of chronic diseases due to lifestyle changes, growth in the elderly population and the ease of use of portability devices. The patient monitoring devices market is projected to reach USD 55.1 billion by 2025 from USD 36.4 billion in 2020, registering a CAGR of 8.6 percent during the forecast period.

Patient monitoring is present both inside and outside the hospital and performs a crucial role for an effective healthcare. Healthcare providers are seeking for revolutionary technologies that can provide advanced patient care with ease and lower costs. Integration of monitoring technologies in smartphones and wireless devices is a key trend in patient care, resulting in the introduction of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) systems and mobile Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) systems. COVID-19 has led to a significant surge in demand for patient monitoring systems, and manufacturers are increasingly working on expanding production to meet the increasing need for these devices. Some of the devices currently deployed are respiratory monitoring devices, blood glucose monitoring devices and temperature monitoring devices. Patient monitoring technologies come into play and recognize small changes in the patient’s physiological data and promote self-monitoring. Thus, it prevents avoidable hospitalizations, decreases the number of unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office, and reduces travel-related expenses.

To help healthcare sectors choose the right technology provider, MD Tech Review has compiled a list of some of the prominent patient monitoring technology providers that exhibit competence in providing delivering robust solutions. This edition also comprises of advices, insights and thought leadership from industry experts for the aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you MD Tech Review’s “Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Providers - 2021”

    Top Patient Monitoring Solution Companies

  • EquiMed Corporation is the nation’s longest operating remote cardiac monitoring center. Founded in 1987, EquiMed provides continuous cardiac monitoring with a specialization in implantable device checks. In the early years of remote device monitoring, the company made the decision to provide 24/7 device monitoring and reporting. EquiMed’s decision provides three times the monitoring coverage that a traditional clinic or service provider can offer. The company operates as a certified independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) approved by Medicare. EquiMed is currently the only monitoring service that provides 24/7 monitoring of implantable cardiac devices


  • Motum is a software and hardware platform for remote patient monitoring, with a core focus on mobility.


  • OnSky Health International has excelled in manufacturing cutting-edge medical technologies to revamp the remote healthcare arena. The company’s goal is to offer virtual care, remote patient monitoring, and emergency and alert services for the elderly, aging population, homecare, as well as nursing homes. It specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced medical technologies and connected-health products for modernizing remote healthcare and telehealth. OnSky’s primary product SkyPad system, combines proprietary, patent-pending sensor technology, and advanced AI and ML. Its proprietary sensor technology coupled with ML helps accurately sense and monitor the users’ vital signs, sleep quality, and body movements, all in real-time. Its ultra-sensitivity allows the system to sense, measure, and record their heart and respiration rates via the micro-vibration of the heart and lung, as well as snoring, breathing quality, and other sleep functions without skin contact


  • Accuhealth Technologies

    Accuhealth Technologies

    Accuhealth is a Healthcare Technology company with over 50 years of operational experience. Having created the first Healthcare Operations Center for Remote Patient Monitoring, their solution improves primary physician care within the clinical setting and the home. With access to real-time vital information, physicians improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and increase revenue for their clinic.

  • Doctella


    Doctella is a remote patient monitoring app and cloud. Doctella is a part of Masimo. They are currently busy accelerating their product development. Existing customers will continue to use the platform without interruption. Currently, there is no secure way for users to share their patient-owned health datawith providers, payers, and family. To address this emerging need Doctella has created a patient-consented, health data sharing solution that uses patent-pending patient-owned security. Today, you can download Doctella from the App store and immediately share your Apple Health Data with anyone.

  • Medek Health Systems

    Medek Health Systems

    Solutions for your medical practice, event, or company. Medek Health is committed to keeping your patients and employees safe and healthy by offering a variety of tools. Working with frontline physicians and businesses to ensure the safety of their employees, patients and clients through rapid COVID-19 Antibody/Antigen test kits, remote patient monitoring, and Telehealth visits.

  • MediPines


    MediPines is focused on creating innovative devices for respiratory diagnostics and managment. Their mission is to improve patient outcomes by empowering clinicians with non-invasive, practical solutions to the most significant respiratory challenges. They look for ways to make solutions that fit in with today's complicated healthcare practices

  • MR3 Health

    MR3 Health

    MR3 Health is a dynamic remote patient monitoring (RPM) company bringing an innovative combination of service and medical technology to physicians and their patients to help prevent the complications associated with chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. MR3 monitors patients on a daily basis, identifying those with negative physiologic trends. Upon identification, alerts are communicated to the member, healthcare payer, and the member’s clinical team indicating high risk of an acute health event. MR3 proactively identifies the need for intervention thereby providing the opportunity to reduce risk and the potential cost of treatment and hospitalization.

  • Ninety One

    Ninety One

    Ninety One aspires to advance precision medicine by combining state-of-the-art software technology with modern mathematical methods of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Pursuing this mission with vigorous commitment and passion, while leveraging innovations in science, they strongly believe that Ninety One will have a material impact on disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. They aim to enhance patients’ life quality and, in due course, increase life expectancy

  • TrackO


    TrackO is passionate about helping bring better healthcare to more people. Building a community of care for those in need. Their Team will make your process as simple and easy as possible. Their main priority is fullfilling their clients needs, as well as building a partnership with them and their providers.